Figuring out how to figure it out: Can we make large enough mangrove forests?

A few weeks ago I attended the NWO Life 2021 online conference. I did a presentation on our work where we are trying to figure out how use nature-based flood defence in the world’s largest urban delta.

Ultimately, we want to see if we can put mangroves there to protect the coastline. We want to know if that works: can we make large enough forests? Will new forest be able to establish, and will existing forest be able to recover? Because mangroves do not live in their own little bubble but are actually heavily influenced by outside stuffs like wind, waves, erosion of the soil they grow in and a bunch of other stuff, we have to consider those too. And those stuffs are also influenced by stuff. Voila, a 10 minute story on mangroves, dikes, wind and waves:

Excuse the lazy title (.mp4?! oops..). The story actually starts off nicely with a tour through a Chinese mangrove forest 😉

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