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Random tidbits and useful tools & advise on all things PhD I’ve collected over the years

On the PhD

On writing

On supervisors

On supervision

  • This informative post (and incidentally the only one of its kind I could find) on supervising MSc projects as a PhD student, which is common practice in the Netherlands

On working accross cultures

  • Working across different cultures – although it is focused on the business world, I still found this book quite useful: The Culture Map

On transparent research reporting

  • Questionable Research Practices in Ecology and Evolution, here
  • Ten common statistical mistakes to watch out for, here
  • Improving the transparency of statistical reporting in Conservation Letters, here
  • Who did what: making a machine readable table of credit assignment, here and here
  • On use of deceptive colour scales (rainbow is no good!), here, here but may load slowly, and the viridis colour scale
  • This tweet about the meaning of words that indicate probability

On experimental design

  • This paper and accompanying blog post on using simulations to plan field experiments

On learning statistics

  • This awesome & adorable course to teach you the basics (even if you know statistics this is still worth a visit).
  • Common statistical tests are linear models (or: how to teach stats), here
  • This beautiful visualisation & explanation on nested hierarchical modelling
  • This powerpoint explanation of bayesian analysis in R

On version control

On Rmarkdown

On spatial data analysis with R

  • Great intro on spatial data in R, here
  • Exploring spatial autocorrelation in R, here

On data visualisation

On poster design


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