Ongoing list of PhD resources I like

I am a big sucker for productivity and love finding tools to get thing done better and quicker. So when I feel like taking a break from my research work or straight out want to procrastinate, I often find myself browsing the web looking for tools to improve my writing, R code, or some advice that helps me with my research life. And there is a lot out there! Here’s as ongoing list of resources I like. Because why reinvent the wheel if someone else has already done the work before you?

Raul Pacheco-Vega’s blog

This is currently my favourite blog. Raul Pacheco-Vega is a Mexico-based assistant professor political science, doing some incredibly work sharing his advice on all things academia in many series of blog posts. What I think is particularly great, is that he makes a lot of the ‘implied, gutfeelingtype’ knowledge about the research process explicit. Whether it is paper writing, organising your day or work-life balance, fair chance he’s got you covered.

The Thesis Whisperer

The blog is aimed at PhD students, and discusses all kind of issues you can come across in the PhD journey: feeling stuck with your writing or your project, doing a good literature review, dealing with feedback and much more. The blog is run by Inger Mewburn, an assistant professor and research training director based in Australia. What I really like about this blog, is that Inger Mewburn provides a platform for other (ex-)graduate student to share their experiences. It gives a very ‘real’ insight into PhD life.

How to write a better minor thesis

I read this book when I wrote my master’s thesis, and it was just super helpful so I think everyone should know about it. It helped me shaping my arguments and building the structure of a long text. I haven’t used major thesis version of this book yet, but definitely plan to.

Our World in Data

Because data is awesome, and it’s good to be informed about the world around you. Website by Max Roser and team.

Fundamentals of Data Visualization

Which plot to make and how to make it readable? So many good ideas on this page! And upon further inspection it turns out that Clause Wilke, the author of this blog and professor of integrative biology in the US, has written many blog posts with questions you may find yourself asking as a researcher. Recommended!

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